What’s Your Gift to the World?

happySo it’s a Season of Giving. What a familiar phrase.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in finishing our Christmas shopping, wrapping the presents, attending parties, travel plans and what to serve guests. We put thought into our gifts for our loved ones. What do they want? What will they love? Is there something they need?

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner where we’ll be thinking about our goals for the coming year. What do we want for our lives? Our loved ones? What shall we go after and accomplish in the coming months?

What if…we brought the spirit of Christmas into our New Year’s plans and asked ourselves…

What do I want to give to the world?

In order for our spirits to truly be filled we need contribute something to the world. This isn’t just for the holly-days…it’s for every day. We were each given gifts in a combination that is truly unique to us. That includes YOU…Yes YOU reading this right now. You have a combination of talents and abilities that are unique to YOU. The only way to truly experience your gifts is to give them away. What will you do with those talents this year?

What shall your legacy be?

When you put those talents and abilities to work and use them you are living your most authentic life. They shouldn’t be hidden or put on a shelf for “some day.” Some day is TODAY. What do you have to give that only you can give to the world? What do they want? What will they love? Is there something they need?

This is your legacy. It’s what you will leave behind that will live on long after you’re gone.

Are you ready?

How will you live your mission *to the best of your ability* if you always feel tired, sick and lethargic…maybe even depressed? I’d like to challenge you and say YOU CAN’T!

To step up and leave a legacy requires commitment, consistency and energy, both mentally and physically. To have the stamina for it you need to be in the best shape you possibly can be. This is why being healthy is so important. It sets the stage for you to have the best chance possible to be able to live a life full of passionately learning, growing and giving. As I like to say “It’s hard to be a trail blazer if you don’t feel like getting of the couch.”

I’m challenging you.

Will you set yourself up to have the best year possible? Will you do something this year to get healthier? More fit? I challenge you to be an example for those around you. People needs leaders. They need others to be an example for them. Who do you want to influence? Your children? Co-workers? Spouse? Parents? Take the lead. Set the standard. Now more than ever people are watching. What will they see when they look at you? Your health isn’t a gift you just give yourself; it’s a gift you give to others as well.

You have what it takes to be strong. You have what it takes to share your gifts. I know sometimes it’s scary. Do it anyway. When you give your gift away, other gifts come flowing right back to you. Giving isn’t a season; it’s a circle. You’ll never know what the circle has in store for you unless you jump in.


Here’s to your health, happiness and gifts. May you have plenty of them all and use them to make the world a better place.


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