Don’t Let Celebrations Derail Your Diet

Are you under the impression that if you’re on a “diet” you can’t celebrate life’s moments with friends and family? Or that if you do celebrate with them it requires “cheating” or going off your diet?

I call bullsh*t on that!

Sure you can celebrate!

First of all, who said celebrations had to be centered around food?

They don’t. You can CHOOSE to celebrate in many different ways. What are some activities you enjoy? Places you like to go? Do that to celebrate! Massage, mani/pedi, bike ride, walk, shop, cup of your favorite tea, scenic drive, movie…whatever you like…can be a celebration. Choose something you’ll feel great about later – not something that brings guilt or shame later.

If you do find yourself at a celebratory gathering centered around food…

…it doesn’t have to derail your dieting train. Focus on what you’re REALLy after. What is being celebrated? How can you honor that? What do you want to walk away from the gathering with? Is it time with family or friends? You can cherish them and your time together without consuming calorie-heavy foods or over-eating healthy foods. Set your intention before you arrive. I am here to ______.

When you’re recalling the memory 2 years from now…you’ll likely remember the people you were with and the emotions of the celebration, not what was on the menu. Make the best choices possible and enjoy your time together.

Do you have a celebration or gathering coming up in the next couple of weeks that you think may get you off track?

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