Whether you’re looking for long term support or just a few sessions to get things rolling, I can help you get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Are you seeking for more balance?

Is there one particular, super-important goal you really want to go after?

Do you know what to do but need accountability?

Have no clue what you want; you just know you don’t have it?

All good reasons to work with a coach. You’re in the right place.


Let’s get real. Sometimes you need someone to listen. And I mean listen without interrupting you, without judging you and without making fun of you for wanting something better for yourself. Sometimes you need someone who can offer insight without telling you what to do. Sometimes you need an uninterrupted “meeting” or dedicated block of time to figure things out and regularly work on you, your life. I can give you that accountability, without judgment.

We’ll work together to figure out exactly what you want and develop a blueprint to get there. You CAN overcome what’s standing in your way and achieve happiness & fulfillment, for real. No more being stuck. It’s time to jump back in the driver’s seat and take control of your life. Stuff the excuses in an old shoe box where they belong. And make it the box with an old ugly pair of birth control shoes as I like to call them.

‘Cause living your authentic life is sexy!

Do you find yourself thinking thoughts like…

  • If only I could do this or have that… Then I’d be happy.
  • I doubt myself and my ability to do this thing I want to do.
  • I sometimes feel like I’m not enough.
  • I wonder if I’m worthy of success.
  • Will I be truly loved? I mean loved for exactly who I am and want to be.

Yes? These are common questions and fears people deal with. So guess what? You’re totally normal! BUT, you don’t have to leave it there. You can get past those nagging fears and have the life of your dreams.

What if you were able to put aside whatever was holding you back? What if you were able to create a blueprint for reaching your goals? What if you had someone to walk you through that process and hold you accountable for working through it? What if you had someone to support you and encourage you. What if you knew you already have everything you need inside you to accomplish what you want. Because you do. Perhaps you just need some help un-muddying the waters.

It’s frustrating to want something so bad you can taste it and not know how to get it.

To be willing to work hard and just not know what to do. And you’re already successful by many people’s standards. You’ve already achieved so much in so many areas of life. It makes it even more frustrating that this thing you want … You can’t seem to make it happen.

I know you…You have your act together in (most) other areas of your life but over here on the side things are a mess. It doesn’t add up when you look at how successful you are in other areas.

And sometimes people don’t get it. They don’t understand why you’re not satisfied with how things are. Maybe you have a “good job.” Or a “good marriage.” Or a “nice car.” Things usually do look better from the outside looking in. But just because things seem to be going well…people never know what’s going on behind closed doors. You could feel like you’re in a prison that other people call “your amazing life.” Lucky you. NOT!

It’s time to break out and get over the wall.

Wanna meet your new partner?

Hi. I’m Stacie Dickerson. I’m your new coach – or at least I’d like to be.IMG_3524

Who am I? If you’re looking for the boring resume kinda info, here goes:

I’m a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, a Certified Life Coach through the International Coach Academy, contributing author to the anthology Smart Women Embrace Transitions: How to Lean Into Change with Your Body, Mind and Soul and founder of the Healthy Lifestyle Institute. blah blah blah. Yes, I can help you.

What is Strategic Intervention Coaching and what’s the difference?

Pardon the somewhat technical jargon here.

Strategic Intervention (also known as SI) takes the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, and others.

Strategic Intervention Coaching is a practical method for taking action in a strategic way to help you get things done while also seeing to it that human needs (Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love & Connection, Growth, Contribution) are fulfilled and elevated.

What distinguishes SI from other strategic studies is the belief that certain holistic solutions “snap into place” when more people’s needs are met, expressed, and elevated. Why? Because SI solutions are based on the principle of growth and contribution. Any change, when it is reinforced by growth and contribution, not only “sticks,” but it goes on to positively influence hundreds of other people.

How does all of that relate to you?

You don’t live in a vacuum. You can’t make decisions and excel in life without considering the effects the changes you make have on those around you and gaining their support. As a coach, I can coach my client but if that client goes back into a home, work or community environment that is non-supportive without addressing the relationships, then the old habits will return…quickly.

Strategic Intervention solutions actually deliver 
more benefit for less effort.

The tradition of Strategic Intervention (called Human Needs Psychology or HNP) originates with the understanding of the power of meaning to shape all aspects of a human being’s life. SI founders Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes have both been powerfully influenced by the great insights and works of Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson’s creative breakthroughs in human intervention.

SI is also grounded in the work of the Gregory Bateson group at the Mental Research Institute, which in the late 1950′s originated the new paradigm of interactional and systemic studies, which became a watershed in the development of disciplines such as game theory, cybernetics, neurolinguistics, organizational psychology, management psychology, and dozens of other systemic disciplines.

Cloe Madanes, who has been associated with SI for four decades, is now the senior member of this tradition. Cloe has recognized Anthony Robbins as one of its most highly skilled thinkers and practitioners of SI. Together, they formed the Robbins – Madanes Training Center (RMT Center).

The goal of Strategic Intervention is to integrate the core insights of these traditions into a method of practical strategic action. SI encompasses strategies that span from the belief systems and emotional patterns within an individual, to individual relationships, to group dynamics, to organizational and cultural interventions. A trained SI coach navigates these different arenas with ease.

Whew! That’s a lot of technical stuff but somebody just had to ask.  😉

Now. You wanna know the REAL reason I can help you?

I can help you because I’ve been there. Whatever it is you want, whatever it is that will give you the fulfillment you’re looking for, I understand the struggle, the need to identify it and go after it. I get it because I’ve lived it my whole life. I know how that want will bring you to tears at times. I understand how it can be an all-consuming focus. I have felt the exasperation and the hopelessness that comes from feeling like you’re not all you can be. I’ve experienced the discontent from feeling like you’re falling short, like you’re leaving something on the table. And I’ve learned how to successfully navigate those stormy waters and come out better, stronger, and more buoyant so I can not only accomplish that goal, but be ready for the next challenge as well. I can help you do the same.

I’ve struggled in several areas of my life, including my weight. I specialize in health & fitness because that’s my passion and because I believe it’s the foundation that supports you while achieving your other life goals. It’s hard to be a trail-blazer if you don’t feel like getting off the couch. But as they say in coaching school: no matter your specialty, it’s all life coaching after the first few sessions.

“There’s no telling how many miles you’ll have to run chasing a dream.” -Unknown

My first and constant love is to achievement. To growth. To learning and improving. In any and all areas. It is what has always driven me.

Early on in my professional career I wanted to excel and I had questions. Lots of questions. And it seemed no one around me could answer them. At least not to my satisfaction. So I became an avid reader. I bought (and yes, read) book after book after book. My friends would tease me about my business/self-improvement book-reading habits. Even now they’ll comment about how we’d be by the pool hanging out and they’d be reading trashy novels and I’d have some self-help book in my hand. They’d ask “Do you ever read for fun?” “Um…this is fun to me” was my answer.

Those habits started me on a journey of learning. Learning how to be better, how to improve in some area. There came a time when I was still learning by reading but it seemed to be a lot of theory and I wasn’t always sure how to apply it to me or what I was working on at the time. I felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle. There came a time when I needed one on one help. I needed an expert.

My first foray into getting that help was with the Steven Covey organization going through their Mastering the 7 Habits course with one of their coaches. Best. Investment. Ever. I was hooked. Wow. What a difference it made to set aside a block of time each week or so to talk to a coach. Just me and her. And talk about what I’d learned and how to apply it to me. I was amazed at how I would think I understood something and she would push me to dive deeper and “get it” at a whole other level. I knew I wanted to become a coach.

Since then I have had many coaches and mentors. I’ve learned something valuable from them all. And I want to pass it forward. That is my purpose. It’s what I was born to do. I know it’s important to do it in a way that feels amazing to the client. It’s important to listen, and not assume anything. It’s important to offer accountability, but without judgement.

Here’s what matters: I’ll hold your feet to the fire but I’ll also hold your hand while you walk through it. But be forewarned, it may be a tight squeeze.

It’s time to invest in you.

It will pay dividends.

How does all this work?

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes in length and are done over the phone on my conference call line. We’ll both dial in at the scheduled time. Our call will be recorded and sent to you so you’ll have it for review. We’ll have a session every week to two weeks.

Ready to get started?


Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire that asks you about your background and what led you to want some coaching. Once you turn that in, We’ll set up our first meeting – which is FREE by the way!