1Are you really where you want be in life?

Whether you’re looking for long term support or just a few sessions to get things rolling, I can help you get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Let’s get real. Sometimes you need someone to listen. And I mean listen without interrupting you, without judging you and without making fun of you for wanting something better for yourself. Someone who can offer insight without telling you what to do. You need to regularly dedicate a block of time to figuring things out and working on you, your life. I can give you accountability, without judgement.

We’ll work together to figure out exactly what you want and develop a blueprint to get there. You CAN overcome what’s standing in your way and achieve happiness, for real. No more being stuck. Jump back in the driver’s seat and take control of your life. Stuff those excuses in an old shoe box where they belong. And make it an old ugly pair of birth control shoes as I like to call them. ‘Cause living your authentic life is sexy!

And as for my qualifications…here is the boring resume kinda info: I’m a Strategic Intervention Life Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, a Certified Life Coach through the International Coach Academy, contributing author to the anthology Smart Women Embrace Transitions: How to Lean Into Change with Your Body, Mind and Soul and founder of the Healthy Lifestyle Institute. blah blah blah

Here’s what matters: I’ll hold your feet to the fire but I’ll also hold your hand while you walk through it. But be forewarned, it may be a tight squeeze.


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Copy of 1-on-1 CoaJoin us and hit your goals fast!

A Challenge Group combines the fitness program of your choice, a 30-day supply of Shakeology Meal Replacement (your daily dose of dense superfood nutrition), a FREE 30-day VIP membership trial on Beachbody.com, the support of a coach (me), and the support of other group members.

Challenge Groups help you stay on track with your fitness goals. You’re more likely to get your best results with the support of others equally committed to getting healthy and fit. So you get everything you need to succeed: fitness, nutrition, my advice and encouragement, the support from your Challenge teammates, friendship, and fun!

Challenge groups run from the beginning of the month to the end. In other words, you can sign up this month for next month’s challenge.

We “meet” in our private Facebook group where you’ll see you’re not in this alone. Other people struggle with the same things you struggle with. Get to know the other Challenge members, ask questions, trade recipes, get some motivation, and offer your support and encouragement to them. I’ll be posting everyday and answering your questions. I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

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2Coming January 2016 :

The Personal Evolution Academy

Get ready to master your diet and exercise program!

Have you ever been super-excited about starting a weight-loss or exercise program just to feel like a failure when you dropped it a short time later?

Get super-excited again because this time…it sticks.

I understand your frustrations because I’ve been there. I’ve been overweight, tired and achy. I have felt hopeless. I also know it doesn’t have to stay that way. I successfully lost 40 pounds in 2008 and have KEPT IT OFF! Now I want to share with you my most valuable insights on how to make the permanent transition to a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to feel the incredible high of confidence and energy that comes from being healthy and fit, then the Personal Evolution Academy may be just what you need to make the shift in lifestyle that will fuel your passions and ultimately transform your life.


More info to come soon!!


4Coming Summer 2016: Camp Arete’

Sometimes you need to unplug from your daily life and immerse yourself into total learning so you can fast track your success. That’s what our live events and retreats are designed to do.

Arete’- an honorable course of thought, feeling and action; goodness, excellence, and virtue. An individual who possesses Arete’ lives a life shaped around the quest for one’s deepest well-being and highest purpose, striving to realize one’s full potential in all realms of support and life.

More to come!